Oversized Frame with Clear Barrier Shield
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The frame portion of this product is adjustable with telescoping poles. The height can vary from 48” to 96” along with the width varying from 48” to 96”. This product includes the adjustable frame along with a clear barrier shield and fasteners. The clear barrier shield size is customizable to your needs (popular shield sizes are 48” x 96” or 57” x 96” or 48” x 72”).

After placing your order on AveryVinyl.com please contact us through phone or email for the shield size you need at 1-800-231-7894 or email Ian Sweet at isweet@plasticproductsusa.com.

Item #: 80844

Weight: 20 lbs.

Average assembly time: 10-15 minutes


Common Applications:

  • Dividers in churches
  • Checkout lines at grocery stores, department stores, movie theaters, salons, gas stations
  • Conversation barrier at the workplace in front of desks, cubicles, breakrooms, assembly lines
  • Restaurants or eateries in front of booths, separators between tables
  • Schools or educational businesses to separate teacher from students, in lunchrooms, between desks, hallways
  • Hospitals and other medical providers in waiting rooms, hallways



  • Item #: 80844

Oversized Frame with Clear Barrier Shield

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